Robert W. Shindleman

Robert Shindleman
T: 204.474.2000
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 Robert W. Shindleman
 Executive Vice President/COO

  Robert is the Executive Vice-President and COO of the Shindico Group of Companies.

Robert's focus is property development, operations and management. Robert's expertise includes identifying property opportunities, acquisition, overseeing construction and asset management activities.

Robert is recognized as an expert in identifying great commercial real estate and business opportunities, and making them better.  He is passionately dedicated to the success of his clients and amongst his colleagues, he is known to have a “cheerful open door policy”.

Robert has been instrumental in the establishment of the group's high standards and he is well versed with the varied requirements of owners, investors and tenants. Robert has a track-record of delivering exceptional results and creating the excellent relationships Shindico enjoys with clients.

In 2011, Robert received the B’nai Brith Canada Award of Merit recognizing significant contributions of exceptional Canadians to their local communities.

On a personal level, Robert’s interests include world and local affairs, family and friends, travel and enjoying the outdoors.