City’s commercial real estate in pretty good shape

With the exception of high office vacancy rates, building managers and owners are fairly satisfied with the state of the industry...full story

Project Feature: Shindico & Commercial Lighting

Shindico replaced the incandescent and metal-halide lighting on the outside walls of their building with new LED fixtures...full story

First view of new Portage hospital

Work is already underway to make room for the new Portage la Prairie District General Hospital. The project is a much-anticipated effort first proposed by...full story

Shindico adds six properties to its retail portfolio

The commercial real estate firm has added six retail properties to its management portfolio in Manitoba’s capital, to the sum of 52 tenants in 228,018 square feet of space on 15 acres of land...full story

Shindico acquires Winnipeg shopping centre portfolio

Six properties focus on needs-based, neighbourhood retail...full article

Shindico begins Winnipeg’s mixed-use Westport development

The massive mixed-used Westport development by local developer Shindico Realty is a million-square-foot vote of confidence for Winnipeg’s economy, both today and in the future, says its lead developer...full story

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